• SPRING II 2020 MIDTERM GRADES entry is unavailable -- Updated: June 8, 2020
  • If you have any questions, please email Paul Gaszak, Dean, Robert Morris Experiental College at pgaszak@roosevelt.edu.
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1. What is my login/password (ID)?
2. How do I enter my grades?
3. Can I print my grade sheet?
4. How do I enter grades for more than one class?
5. I'm done, what do I need to do?
6. I need more help, who can I call?

1. Contact Katie Suhajda, VP for Academic Adminisration, at ksuhajda@robertmorris.edu. Please include your contact information in the email.

2. After entering a valid email and password and clicking Submit, you will see the personalized Welcome page. It will display your name and a drop-down list of the courses that you taught for the current quarter. To enter grades, select a course from the drop-down list and click View Class. At this time the Grade Entry page is displayed. Choose the grade that the student received and click the corresponding button to the right of the student's name. Please note that grades must be entered for ALL students shown on the page. If you are not ready to enter all grades for the course, do not complete the form, as the information will not be saved. A student with a grade of Incomplete should be given an I grade and updated later by the manual (paper) process. If a student's name does not appear on the Grade Entry page, contact the student's Academic Advisor as you may be required to complete additional forms. When a grade has been assigned to each student on the page, click the Submit Grades button. Once the grades are submitted, they cannot be changed electronically. If you need to change a grade that is done via the paper Grade Change Form.

3. After clicking Submit Grades you will be shown the results of your work, including a tally at the bottom of the form. If you desire a printable version for your records, click the link 'Click Here For a Printable Version of This List' then hit Print on your browser.

4. Click the 'Click to go to RMU Grades Online Home' link at the bottom of the page and you will return to the personalized welcome screen where you will be able to select another one of your courses and enter more grades.

5. When you have finished entering grades, be sure to completely exit your web browser by hitting the Logout button.

6. If you are having problems with Grades Online, please email Katie Suhajda at ksuhajda@robertmorris.edu